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We’re Optimistic about Quayside

Sidewalk_Labs_Rendering_Sustainability.pngSome media pundits are already expressing suspicions and doubts about plans for Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside joint venture on the Toronto waterfront. At Waterfront for All, we have a more optimistic view.

Quayside Project Poised to Show the Future of Urban Living – Right on Toronto’s Waterfront

Waterfront for All, an umbrella organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront, welcomes the announced Quayside development partnership.

The Port Lands: The Next Frontier for Waterfront Renewal


Over the past years, Toronto’s residents had to push back against several wrong-headed development proposals for their waterfront: Ferris wheels, mega-casinos, and jets. With these fights hopefully behind us, it’s time to re-focus on continuing the renewal of our waterfront. 

We’re Not Staying Silent: Our Fight Against the Planned Mega-Club in the Port Lands


It’s the balance of mixed uses from recreation to residential and commercial purposes that makes our waterfront such a unique and vibrant part of Toronto. Keeping that delicate balance means we need to be vigilant and push back against wrong-headed developments – like the wrong-headed mega-club plans for the Port Lands.

Sustainable Growth Will Flow from Don River Flood Protection


Visionary government funding commitment will unlock climate-resilient growth in Toronto's Port Lands.

Funding for Don River Flood Protection Will Unlock Potential of Toronto’s Port Lands


Waterfront for All, an umbrella organization for groups from across Toronto, welcomes the newly announced tri-level government funding for the Don River mouth naturalization.

Bathurst Quay Precinct Plan Revitalization

At the Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association AGM on May 10th, Waterfront Secretariat Bryan Bowen showed the City's revitalization plans, scheduled to be done by 2018. The report can be found here (right click and Save As): Waterfront For All strongly supports the city's vision for the space. Scroll on to see some artist concept previews of the work that will add the Bathurst Quay to the waterfront revitalization:

Port Lands Mega-Club: Media Round-Up

Plans for an outsized mega-club in the Port Lands are underway, but we are pushing back. Take a look at recent media coverage.

Waterfront for All Gets Started

At its founding Annual General Meeting, Waterfront for All adopted a set of by-laws and elected a set of executive officers.