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Waterfront Toronto releases Marine Use Strategy Report

On March 8, 2021, Waterfront Toronto released its Marine Use Strategy report exploring Mooring (where do boats go?), Management (who does what?) and Movement (how do we get from land to water and over the water?) in and around Toronto Harbour. It's an interesting and useful study.

Ed Hore has comments. Some are general in nature ("we need a second ferry terminal to serve Toronto Island"); some relate specifically to kayaks and canoes.  None necessarily reflect the views of Waterfront for All. 




Waterfront Speaker Series Kicks Off

Urbanist Ken Greenberg and Amsterdam city planner and architect Ton Schaap kicked off our Waterfront for All Speaker Series on March 10, 2021.   Both speakers gave us extraordinary insights into the possibilities of reusing and repurposing Objects Trouvé, i.e. existing buildings and structures, to revitalise urban waterfronts. We expect to host engaging speakers about every two months.  Stay tuned. 

Ken Greenberg's presentation, part 1

Ken Greenberg's presentation, part 2

Ton Schaap's presentation, Part 1

Ton Schaap's presentation, Part 2

Ton Schaap's presentation, Part 3

Ontario Place for All Statement

Toronto, Jan 18, 2019 – Ontario Place For All [] is calling on the Ontario government to put its redevelopment plans for the lakefront park on hold.

The Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports announced today the government is interested in turning Ontario Place into an “attraction that could include exciting sport and entertainment landmarks, public spaces or shopping.” Michael Tibollo said the areas open for redevelopment include “the Ontario Place Islands, mainland, pods and the Cinesphere.”

Ports Toronto should be Accountable to the People of Toronto

Toronto is Canada's largest City but one of its smallest ports by volume of cargo. The Toronto Port Authority, also known as Ports Toronto, is a federal government entity, not accountable to Toronto's city government or to anyone. It operates the Island Airport, and owns has incredibly valuable landholdings around our waterfront. Should it be reformed to be accountable to the people of Toronto? We think so. A Ports Modernization Review was commenced by the federal Minister of Transport in 2018.  Read Waterfront for All's submission to the Ports Modernization Review here.


Humber Bay for All

On November 25 the West End Beaches Stakeholders Association (WEBSA) presented their Concept Plan for refurbishment of the breakwater and environment of Humber Bay, from Ontario Place to the Humber River. The presentation was given at the Argonaut Rowing Club. WEBSA, an independent, non-profit coalition, includes the Argonaut Rowing Club, The Boulevard Club, Sunnyside Paddling Club, and Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, and aims at community engagement as a means to achieving positive changes to the waterfront of Toronto's western beaches.

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