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Toronto, Jan 18, 2019 – Ontario Place For All [] is calling on the Ontario government to put its redevelopment plans for the lakefront park on hold.

The Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports announced today the government is interested in turning Ontario Place into an “attraction that could include exciting sport and entertainment landmarks, public spaces or shopping.” Michael Tibollo said the areas open for redevelopment include “the Ontario Place Islands, mainland, pods and the Cinesphere.”

Ontario Place For All says this promises to destroy Ontario Place and the vision that has guided it for decades. Spokesperson Suzanne Kavanagh says “there has been some really great planning work on Ontario Place in recent years and opening the park up for private sector bids throws all that planning out the window.”

Former Premier William Davis has added his voice to the protection of Ontario Place. He said last week that “it would be a shame and a disservice if commercial gain replaced the public interest on the present site of Ontario Place.”

Ontario Place For All believes the renewal of Ontario Place must be guided by five principles.

• Ontario Place for ALL, it must be kept publicly accessible
• Public Interest, not commercial interest must drive the new vision
• No casino
• Any changes must be part of a thoughtful, comprehensive public review process
• A full and robust public consultation
• Recognition of the waterfront’s Indigenous heritage

The principles were developed at a rally last weekend where 150 supporters of Ontario Place vowed to ensure that Ontario Place becomes the kind of great park Ontarians all want.

For more Information, contact:

Cynthia Wilkey (416) 892-8941
Suzanne Kavanagh (647) 309-4365


Our AGM was very well attended, with update presentations from Waterfront Toronto on Quayside and their five year vision. See their presentations below. Waterfront for All also elected our slate of officers, elected from the groups along the waterfront that endorse our mission. See below for Waterfront Toronto's slides.

Waterfront for All – Statement in response to the Auditor General’s report on Waterfront Toronto

December 5, 2018 – For Immediate Release

In light of today’s 2018 annual report of the Auditor General of Ontario, Waterfront for
All has had the opportunity to reflect on the value for money delivered by Waterfront

Waterfront Toronto was created in 2001 to address nearly a century of failed plans to
revitalize Toronto’s waterfront. In less than 20 years, it has transformed the central
waterfront through a myriad of projects including the redesign of Queens Quay and the
water’s edge promenade, and award-winning parks such as Corktown Common and
Sugar Beach. It has created a master plan for the new West Don Lands and East Bayfront
neighbourhoods and initiated the Don Mouth naturalization and flood protection
project, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Canada. According to the Ministry of
Infrastructure, these projects have resulted in $4.1 billion in economic output and $2.6
billion in development value from an initial investment of $1.5 billion.

Bathurst Quay Update

The waterfront secretariat recently held an update meeting on the Bathurst Quay revitalization, scroll down for the schedule and a copy of the presentation! Bathurst Quay

Construction schedule overview
1: Consolidation of traffic operations in ferry queue. Late November 2018 for 2 weeks.
2: Western Channel Dockwall Rehabilitation. March 2019 –Fall 2019.
3: Reduced taxi corral and shared parking lot. Spring 2019.
4: Ireland Park Foundation. Renovations beginning Spring 2019.
5: EireannQuay streetscape improvements. Summer 2019 –Fall 2019.
6: New plaza and open space. Phased construction in 2019 and 2020. Opening expected in 2020 (contingent on timing of environmental approvals).

WfA submission on Ports Modernization

Read our submission to Transport Canada on the topic of Ports Modernization here: 


Humber Bay for All

On November 25 the West End Beaches Stakeholders Association (WEBSA) presented their Concept Plan for refurbishment of the breakwater and environment of Humber Bay, from Ontario Place to the Humber River. The presentation was given at the Argonaut Rowing Club. WEBSA, an independent, non-profit coalition, includes the Argonaut Rowing Club, The Boulevard Club, Sunnyside Paddling Club, and Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club, and aims at community engagement as a means to achieving positive changes to the waterfront of Toronto's western beaches.

Bathurst Quay Revitalization Update: November 27th, 2017

On November 25th, the City of Toronto updated the community on the Bathurst Quay Precinct plan, downloadable here. The interest in the plans was evident. Please send your thoughts to Bryan Bowen, Project Manager at the Waterfront Secretariat at or 4163384842.


WfA Letter on Portlands Planning

November 13, 2017
Mayor John Tory and Members of City Council
RE: PG 24.6 Port Lands Planning Framework 
Dear Mayor Tory and members of Council,
“Waterfront for All” represents a broad coalition of stakeholders across Toronto’s 46 km waterfront who support a shared long term vision for the transformation of the Port Lands. We believe that the Port Lands Framework Plan does not capture the vision, principles and policies contained in the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan that was unanimously adopted by city council in 2003. The “Regeneration” Official Plan Designation in that plan fully embraced the future potential of the Port Lands to successfully accommodate a diverse range of employment, mixed-use, institutional, community and industrial uses. The real challenge is one of managing the transformation of the Port Lands over an extended period of time while remaining true to that long term vision to realize the full potential of these valuable lands. 
After studying the city planning report in detail, we support the adoption of the Mixed Use Residential designation for Villiers Island but recommend that the draft Official Plan Amendment for the remaining lands be deferred as it does not represent the best way of achieving that goal. 
Our recommendation is based on the following key points. 


We’re Optimistic about Quayside

Sidewalk_Labs_Rendering_Sustainability.pngSome media pundits are already expressing suspicions and doubts about plans for Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside joint venture on the Toronto waterfront. At Waterfront for All, we have a more optimistic view.

Quayside Project Poised to Show the Future of Urban Living – Right on Toronto’s Waterfront

Waterfront for All, an umbrella organization dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront, welcomes the announced Quayside development partnership.

Phone: 6479173198
Address: 10 Queens Quay West Suite 609, Toronto, ON, M5J 2R9