Ontario Place for All Statement

Toronto, Jan 18, 2019 – Ontario Place For All [https://www.ontarioplaceforall.com/] is calling on the Ontario government to put its redevelopment plans for the lakefront park on hold.

The Ontario Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports announced today the government is interested in turning Ontario Place into an “attraction that could include exciting sport and entertainment landmarks, public spaces or shopping.” Michael Tibollo said the areas open for redevelopment include “the Ontario Place Islands, mainland, pods and the Cinesphere.”

Ontario Place For All says this promises to destroy Ontario Place and the vision that has guided it for decades. Spokesperson Suzanne Kavanagh says “there has been some really great planning work on Ontario Place in recent years and opening the park up for private sector bids throws all that planning out the window.”

Former Premier William Davis has added his voice to the protection of Ontario Place. He said last week that “it would be a shame and a disservice if commercial gain replaced the public interest on the present site of Ontario Place.”

Ontario Place For All believes the renewal of Ontario Place must be guided by five principles.

• Ontario Place for ALL, it must be kept publicly accessible
• Public Interest, not commercial interest must drive the new vision
• No casino
• Any changes must be part of a thoughtful, comprehensive public review process
• A full and robust public consultation
• Recognition of the waterfront’s Indigenous heritage

The principles were developed at a rally last weekend where 150 supporters of Ontario Place vowed to ensure that Ontario Place becomes the kind of great park Ontarians all want.

For more Information, contact:

Cynthia Wilkey (416) 892-8941
Suzanne Kavanagh (647) 309-4365

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